Become the Leader You Are Meant to Be.

You may feel completely isolated in your role.  But the truth is, you’re not alone. These are the challenges that every leader faces.

Clarity. Accountability. Leadership.

Andrea's coaching is designed as a process over time.  Rome wasn’t built in a day—and neither is your leadership. 

The key is through self-leadership, which is cultivated through practice.  

I’ll ask you questions no one else is asking—because they’re afraid to be honest!

You’ll hear me ask questions you would never think to ask yourself.  I act as your mirror, your sounding board, and, when necessary, your challenger.  I am dedicated to your growth as a leader.

Curious?  Give it a try!  Let’s have a conversation. 

Areas of Opportunity


  • Decision Making
  • Prioritizing Objectives
  • Seeing Opportunities


  • Sustainable Growth
  • Details vs. Big Picture
  • Performance Under Pressure


  • Retention and Engagement
  • Company Culture
  • Managing Difficult Employees