Speaking Topics

Marriage: The Original Team

Health Changes and Relationships

Change is disruptive!  Health changes–negative or positive–affect every area of your life. When you change your lifestyle to improve your health, your relationships will change too. I will share 3 key actions to stay grounded and navigate change in relationships. Come prepared to practice new thinking, words, and actions in this interactive workshop.

The Art of Self-Care: Designing a Sustainable Life of Service 

What are you doing right now to take care of yourself?  The idea of self-care seems indulgent or selfish, especially for those of us raised to put the needs of others first.  Yet, we often find ourselves simmering in resentment when we continually give to others at the expense of ourselves.

Spouses, children, work, school, church, sports, organizations, volunteering—the demands we encounter every day seem endless.  Overwhelm and burnout are common as we try to “do the right thing”.

What does it mean to “Love your neighbor as yourself”?  Considering physical, mental, and spiritual perspectives, Coach Andrea will outline the deeper reasons for caring for ourselves.  We will examine the 10 Commandments and life of Jesus as models for modern self-care. Attendees will learn strategies for establishing boundaries, saying “No”, and limiting activities in today’s fast-paced world.  We will apply these concepts to our marriage and our wider circle of relationships.

Safeguard Your Marriage as You Go Back to School, Start a Business, or Transition to a New Job

Have you considered the impact to your primary relationship when you commit time, energy, and focus to a new career path?  Couples pursuing education or business advancement face unique challenges.  While extensive effort is placed on researching a new career path, developing a business plan, or identifying the perfect course track, how these decisions impact personal relationships is often not considered. Whether you’re a sole proprietor, making a mid-career transition, or acquiring a Fortune 500 company, understanding the needs of your marriage is essential.

Drawing from the experience of her own entrepreneurial path and others, I will outline common pitfalls and how to prepare for them.  You will hear how she and her husband dealt with crises, made mistakes and redefined success. 

Andrea will share three strategies for strengthening your marriage as you grow in business.