My Philosophy on Coaching & Life...

As humans, we are created in the image of God.  Having once been created perfect, we live in a fallen world.  We are naturally prone to conflict, chaos, and condemnation of ourselves and others.  God is a personal being who cares about every detail of our lives. He has revealed Himself through scriptures, provided us with a clear path out of the hopelessness of our human experience, and continually invites us His children into relationship with Him through His son Jesus Christ.  Jesus became one of us and by His suffering and sacrifice opened the way to peace with God. By His grace we are offered the opportunity to have peace with God and with each other. Human marriage was created not by humans but by God to provide us with a laboratory to experience His love for us. 

In our deepest conflicts, we understand that our human spouses can never satisfy our eternal longing for God Himself.  In our joyful intimacy, we experience a taste of God’s love for us. A Christian marriage is designed by God to lead us to reflect the mysteries of His nature.

Although the world is corrupted, it is still beautiful.  As humans, none of us are perfect. We waste a lot of time trying to be perfect or present ourselves as perfect.  Part of the human experience is to fail. Another part is to aspire and imagine. One of our Godly traits is our drive to create.  The gift of reproducing the image of God (bearing children) is a sign of being created in God’s image. Creating art, building, cultivating—all these are marks of God’s creative image that we bear.  

In coaching, we have the time and space to learn, explore and create.  We learn to acknowledge ourselves, listen deeply, discover who we are, take risks, and build deeper relationships with others.  In coaching there is no rush, there is no force. The coach’s role is to shine light on the client and invite deeper exploration.  The coaching process works for anyone who is open to learning, no matter what their worldview.

A Little About Coach Andrea

Andrea Happel is a Relationship Coach who helps couples build loving, joyful marriages.  She also works with individuals who want to build healthy relationships with themselves and others.

Andrea’s core values are faith, relationships, honesty, creativity, and vitality.  Once upon a time, Andrea was a world traveler and teacher of languages.  When she discovered coaching in 2011, it was a natural continuation of her love of language, story, and adventure.

When she’s not with clients, she’s homeschooling her three boys, writing, dancing, singing, and growing food.  She and her husband Greg have been married since the year 2000.

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Let's Focus on You...

Now that you know about me, let's talk about the kind of people who usually need what I offer. This may sound familiar:

You are half a Christian Married Couple.  

You may be a mom or dad in your 30's or 40's.  

Because of the demands of life (family, career, etc), you don't take time for yourself or for your spouse.

You need clarity on needs, boundaries, a healthy relationship with self and others, peace in the home.  

You are practicing saying "No". 

You desire confidence in who they are.

My client is trying to grow personally, cultivate authentic relationships, take time for self, raise children, manage a household, keep a budget, plan for future, stay afloat, pay the bills.

Also: get sleep, please her husband/his wife, breathe, live a Christ-like life of service.  May also be homeschooling, building a business, live a healthy life, create.

You may be making these mistakes:

Dreaming of escape

Making goals very broad instead of actionable

Judging yourself

Blaming others instead of taking powerful action

Talking too much-rehearsing the same stories that keep you stuck

Trying to do it all alone instead of asking for appropriate support

You may experiencing:

Fatigue—to the point of possible depression

Resentment from carrying heavy load

May be covering for a spouse

Exhausting power struggles/fights in family


If any of this sounds familiar, I want to reassure you that you don't have to keep living life in a way that is not joyful and satisfying. If you are ready for the next step, keep reading!


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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What are your coaching credentials? 

 I’m interested in coaching, but my spouse won’t do it with me.  Can I still work with you? 

I’m not married.  Do you only work with couples? 

Is coaching just like counseling?

I’m already seeing a counselor.  Should I wait until I’m done to start coaching? 

How do I know if coaching is right for me?