• Relationship Coaching: Your relationship is in motion. Grow throu​gh the stages of life together.
  • Personal Coaching:  Going toe-to-toe happens. Learn strategies to meet your spouse eye-to-eye
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Coach Andrea Happel Relationship Coach

Marriage is Hard!

Let's get plain about it!It started out great, didn’t it?  You had so much love, so many dreams. But somewhere along the way, things got messy.  You never meant for it to happen.  Neither did your partner.  And sometimes you can still feel the good flow you once thought would be your new normal. Those times are scarce…in fact, when was the last time you felt connected?

I understand if this is a question that brings tears to your eyes. We all crave a genuine connection with our significant other. But, can I tell you that it doesn't have to be like this?

I can relate to what you are going through. You may be experiencing what I went through, not so long ago. I want to encourage you. It doesn't last forever as long as you check your relationships' heart. That is where I come in!

“ I want to help you and your partner truly hear each other at a heart level.  To create the marriage that you both long for...”

Where do we begin? We do a pulse check. 

What is a  ​Pulse Check​​​:

Discover the Vision You Have for Your Relationship


​What is Keeping You from Your Vision?


Decide If Coaching is Your Best Option

We start with your Vision

"I cannot emphasize enough how important this is.  Your vision for your relationship or your own life become the “Why” of everything we do together.  The more you can describe your vision, the better."

How Do I Work with Coach Andrea:


Coaching Couples

Learn :

  • To tend your marriage like a garden.
  • To let go of the "either-or" fallacy.
  • To avoid the comparison trap.
  • The purpose of your pain.

Personal Coaching 

When we enter a coaching relationship, we :

  • explore the relationship you have with yourself
  • re-think the Golden Rule
  • address the questions you have been avoiding
  • will explore how it looks to step into your calling

Public Speaking

  • Health Changes and Relationships
  • The Art of Self-Care: Designing a Sustainable Life of Service
  • Safeguard Your Marriage as You Go through life's changes
  •  Keep Your Marriage Strong In a Homeschooling Family

Coaching or Counseling?

As a coach, I work with individuals and couples.  We start with the  vision you have for your marriage. “Tell me, if you could have the marriage you want, what would it look like?”  When I ask this question, I often get a blank stare. We spend so much time rehearsing what is wrong, we forget to focus on what we really want. Unlike counseling or therapy, in coaching we don’t spend time in the past.  Coaching is present and future-focused. 

Examples of Counseling Questions

What happened in the past to make you feel this way?

Let’s sort through your past trauma for healing.

What past experience caused you to have this outlook?

What makes you stuck?

Examples of Coaching Questions

How will you address this feeling today?

What does healing mean to you?

How does your outlook affect your choices now?

What has to change to help you get unstuck?

What you get with me is a present and future focused plan of action!


Complimentary Pulse Check

Pulse Checks are complimentary and have no obligation! Are you ready to schedule yours?


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What training did you go through to become a coach? 

I’m interested in coaching, but my spouse won’t do it with me.  Can I still work with you? 

I’m not married.  Do you only work with couples? 

Is coaching just like counseling? 

I’m already seeing a counselor.  Should I wait until I’m done to start coaching? 

How do I know if coaching is right for me?